green winged bug guy

Dittles Discovery

Copyright © 2008 Linda Apple
"Dittles Disturbing Discovery"
approx. 7.5 inches high - 11 inches with base
Isle of Appleshire Series

This was in the Summer 2008 issue of Art Doll Quarterly magazine with article of "The World of Appleshire".

This is Dittles, a green flit that lives near Whamp Marsh. Like most flits he is married and has three little flits. One of his most important jobs is to gather honey for his family. These are very long and tiring days of work as the most fragrant plants, with the best honey, often grow in some of the most dangerous areas near the swamp. On this particular day as he had been doing very well until he found a dragon egg, hidden in a small cave, that had just hatched. He became very disturbed by this and did not know what to think....would the baby wake and eat him or would its mother return and squash him? What to do?


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