Edward Hopper painting

Looking to the Future - art museum figurative painting

Copyright © 2011 Linda Apple
"Looking Beyond"
oil on canvas - 8"x 8"
Art Museum Series

With the arrival of the new year we often think about
what lies ahead. One of my favorite paintings by Hopper
catches the viewers in this one.


Moments with Edward Hopper

Copyright © 2010 Linda Apple
"Moments with Hopper"
oil on canvas
8"x 8 "Art Museum Series

My paintings are of everyday moments and today's
painting captures that concept for me in every way.
Edward Hopper is one of my all time favorite artists because
his work captured the moments of his time. So, today's painting
is a painting of a man in the moment of viewing the Hopper's
view of his everyday moment.


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Opposite Views

Copyright © 2008 Linda Apple
"Opposite Views"
art museum series
oil on canvas

Just had to do a museum piece with one of my favorite artists, Edward Hopper. I actually know these two guys and when I ran into them at the museum they posed for me. They were actually looking at a painting of a guy standing on the ledge of a tall building.
I also thought of naming this one "Missing the View", which seems to be the point.

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