The Pink Scarf

Copyright © 2008 Linda Apple
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"The Pink Scarf"
oil on canvas - 6"x6"
contemporary still life

There is a very popular little store near my home that is a white retro 40's -50's style. I love to go in there and browse around. The gal is a friend of mine and she lets me sketch and hang out(for arts sake). I loved the look of this manikin head.

This painting is available @:
Terra Gallery
8 East Popular Avenue (arts district)
Columbus, Ohio 43215 ph. (614) - 228-4188
They have a really nice place, so check them out!
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Black Market Window

Copyright © 2008 Linda Apple
"Black Market Window"
oil on canvas - 6"x8"
contemporary figurative

"I thought it would be fun to do some paintings of the fun
and funky window displays.It is amazing how many are out
there when you start looking for them."

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