Bird Nest realistic still life

Copyright © 2012 Linda Apple
"Bird Nest"
oil on gallery wrapped canvas
8"x 8"

Found this little nest, abandoned for the winter,
that still had a few tuffs of down.

Bird in Nest - animal art

Copyright © 2010 Linda Apple
"Lofty Ideas"
6"x 6"-oil on canvas

This little bird had very lofty ideas when it built it's
home inside the big red letter "a".
It sits high above everyone and protected from the weather
on the side of the pharmacy building.


Abandoned Nest

Copyright © 2007 Linda Apple
"Abandoned Nest"
oil on masonite - 5"6"
still life nature

"Just a little bird nest that I found. It still had a few bits of soft
down left by its previous residents.
These fascinate me so much,all the work that goes into them, that I
decided to make this the cover of one of my books -
"Art Journal of Daily Life - Volume One."


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