The Old Family Farm oil landscape

Copyright © 2013 Linda Apple
"Family Farm"
oil on gallery wrapped canvas

This is a large commission that I just completed.
It is 4 ft. x 6 ft.!
It is a bit of a mix of past & present brought together
for a client of their old family farm.
It shows their pond with ducks. Although they don't raise horses
anymore, they wanted to show them in the painting and
along with a donkey they use to have.
Its been a while since I got to do this size and it was really fun
to bring this all together for them.


Rose Colored Glasses -Rubber Ducks

Copyright © 2011 Linda Apple
"Rose Colored Glasses"
oil on 1.5" deep gallery wrapped canvas

Always a bit of an optimist!

I had this idea and was excited to see how it would turn out.....
little did I realize it would take me "forever" to do!
Although I may now be sick of yellow (and possibly rubber ducks)
I really like the end result....and alas, remain optimistic!


LILY POND - contemporary waterscape

Copyright © 2010 Linda Apple
"Lily Pond"
24"x24"-oil on canvas

A lily pond at a local park.
I think this is the first time I have ever painted a
lily pond and I really liked my result. It has quickly
become a favorite of mine.


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