Angel of Creativity mixed media assemblage found object art

Angel of Creativity mixed media assemblage found object art

Copyright by Linda Apple
"Angel of Creativity"
OOAK art doll
approx.7.5" long x 4" wide

This is the Artist Angel.
A unique one of a kind sculpture made from objects and
a hand sculpted head from paperclay with no molds used.
Body is one of my old paintbrushes. Has a large brooch that
I found while metal detecting and a few other bits of jewelry.
Hand painted with fine detail and varnished for protection.
She hangs on the wall.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask!
Will ship worldwide


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Wow, organizations like you

Wow, organizations like you are god gift to our society. Keep it up and I would like to suggest you to encourage more people to help people in making paintings. So, that needy people can earn.

Ajay Mishra
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