Playing music on street figurative oil painting

Copyright © 2011 Linda Apple
"Music Man"
oil on canvas
6"x 6"

Found this young man playing his guitar on
the street, in our art district, for some extra income.

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Little Boy Blue - figurative oil painting

Copyright © 2011 Linda Apple
"Little Boy Blue"
oil on gallery wrapped canvas
8"x 8"

This little guy wore a t-shirt that said:
"The heart of a child is born to wear a smile"

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Protecting the Streets - police on bikes cityscene

Copyright © 2011 Linda Apple
"Cops on Bikes"
oil on gallery wrapped canvas
6"x 8"

Most people don't even notice when they are being protected.
A small recognition for those who work to keep us safe.
I think it is really a great idea to have some Police cruising
the street on a bicycle.

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Symphony of Sounds - Appletree Hollow painting

Copyright © 2011 Linda Apple
"Symphony of Sounds"
oil on gallery wrapped canvas
8"x 10"
An Appletree Hollow painting

May 31, 1862
These are two of the members in the horn section of the
Appletree Hollow Symphony, Terry Thomas and Teresa Lewis.
Both were born and raised in Appletree Hollow. Although they
were from large families, they captured the attention of
the residents at a very early age by recreating the sounds
of nature on small homemade horns.
I am sure there must be other diary entries but all I know,
at this time,is that they started the Appletree Hollow -
"Symphony of Sounds" at the young age of 16.
I hope to find more information in one of the other diary journals.


City Reflections - figurative cityscene

Copyright © 2011 Linda Apple
"City Reflections"
oil on gallery wrapped canvas

Colorful reflections in the art district of the city.
I find it interesting how someone who is just walking along,
can unknowingly create art.


Walt "Wit"man - dog fantasy portrait

Copyright © Linda Apple
"Walter (Wit)man"
oil on gallery wrapped canvas
An Appletree Hollow update:

Walter (Wit)Man
May 31, 1819 – March 26, 1892

The third of nine children, he was nicknamed "Walt" to distinguish him from his father, Walter Man Sr. At age four, he moved with his family from Brooklyn, living in a series of homes, in part due to his father’s bad investments. Walt looked back on his childhood as restless and unhappy, given his family's difficult economic status.
At age eleven Walt concluded formal schooling. He then sought employment for further income for his family; he was an apprentice and printer's devil for the weekly newspaper. There, he learned about the printing press and typesetting. He wrote "sentimental bits" of filler material for occasional issues.


Lotus Blossom Lane - surreal fantasy landscape

Copyright © 2011 Linda Apple
"Lotus Blossom Lane"
oil on gallery wrapped canvas

On a recent trip to the world of "All Things Possible",I went on a
tour that took me to the edge. There, at the crossroads of
Aloha Boulevard and Lotus Blossom Lane, I found the most amazing
view and was lucky enough to witness someone harvesting the seeds
of the Lotus plants. These seeds are said to help one attain a
new level of spiritual enlightenment.


Christmas Greetings from Appletree Hollow - animal art

Copyright © Linda Apple
"Randolph and Millie"
oil on canvas - 8"x 10"
Appletree Hollow Series

Christmas Greetings from Appletree Hollow this is Randolph and Millie - 1866.
It has been a while since I have visited Appletree Hollow
but I thought I should post this for you for the Holiday Season.
The entry says that they are dressed in their Holiday best and
on their way to the town's Christmas party hosted by Sweet Pete.

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Still Life  Donald Duck - Sunny Side of the Street

Copyright © 2010 Linda Apple
"Be Prepared"
oil on canvas - 6"x8"

Welcome to the sunny side of the street .
(but just in case ~ I'm prepared!)


Figurative City Scene - Rush Hour

Copyright © 2010 Linda Apple
"Busy Day"
oil on 1.5" deep canvas

It's going downtown today. Busy day but always time for a call.