Little Bird Told Me - woman & friend figurative mixed media painting

"Bird Lovers Embrace"
6" x 8" painting on canvas

She was always very happy to spend
special time with her feathered friend.
Text says: Bird Lovers Embrace


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Little Robin Redbreast - ooak art doll sculpture wall hanging

Copyright 2013 Linda Apple
"Little Robin Redbreast"
OOAK art doll
approx.9" high x 6.5" wide
(cat alone is 6.5" high)

Little Robin Redbreast
Came to visit me;
This is what he whistled,
Thank you for my tea.

Here is Willow sitting in her favorite woodland
hideaway with Little Robin Redbreast.

The cat and bird are hard sculpted from paperclay
and delicately painted. (cat can be removed from box and
able to sit on any shelf)
She sits in a hand finished hard maple wooden box with
tree branches and a real acorn.
Varnished for protection.

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Will ship worldwide


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OOAK BirdBrain 3D wall relief

Copyright Linda Apple
"A Bit of a Bird Brain"
OOAK 3D sculpture art doll
approx.7.5" high x 6" wide wood panel

Millicent was sometimes a little scattered and some people said
she was a bit of a birdbrain.
She was never upset by this because she really does love birds.

ALL HANDMADE mixed media 3D relief art doll sculpture.
Sculptured head,body and bird is delicately painted and emerges
from an Re-cycled wood background, painted with some design.
Sealed with matte varnish
Mohair hair and a bit of lace

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Blackbird realism animal art oil painting

Copyright © 2012 Linda Apple

"Bye, Bye, Blackbird"
oil on canvas - 8"x 8"
animal art

Not everything is black & white!

All paintings have sides painted black and come ready to hang.


Bird Nest realistic still life

Copyright © 2012 Linda Apple
"Bird Nest"
oil on gallery wrapped canvas
8"x 8"

Found this little nest, abandoned for the winter,
that still had a few tuffs of down.

Bird in Nest - animal art

Copyright © 2010 Linda Apple
"Lofty Ideas"
6"x 6"-oil on canvas

This little bird had very lofty ideas when it built it's
home inside the big red letter "a".
It sits high above everyone and protected from the weather
on the side of the pharmacy building.


SPROUT and the Rain Forest - ooak fantasy art doll sculpture

"On a Mission"
art doll sculpture ooak
11.5" tall x 7.5" wide

This is SPROUT! She is the little princess of.... "just a little bit"
She is a very strong willed gal. She is sitting on her new friend that
she met in the Rain Forest.

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You are getting TWO sculptures in one with this piece.
One: Little Sprout is a special little gal
Approx. 8.5" tall
Head hands and legs are sculpted from paperclay. (Head can be turned)
Pink blouse and jumper
Cotton stuffed body with lace trim
Real mohair hair, especially styled!! :)

Two: Big bird
Approx. 9" tall
Fulled sculpted in paperclay
Very detail painting and sealed with matte varnish to protect it against the elements.
Wears a leather painted (leaf shaped) sign that says "Save the Rain Forest"

Together they definitely make a OOAK treat.
Everything is completely hand made without molds.


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As the Crow Flies - mixed media sculpture art doll

"As the Crow Flies"
approx. 11.5" tall

Here is a piece for your need to take a "caw". Take an evening flight with this little crow.
Made from found objects and a bit of my sculpture.

Secured into a painted wood base with a star cut from a dried pod.
The legs and lower body is a branch of walnut.
There is an old wooden ABC block, and antique wooden thread spool, a silverized
antique button, sculpted head and hands and a small gourd hat.

It is definitely a OOAK piece to let your imagination take flight!
It is delicately painted for a night time effect and coated with a matte varnish
to protect it from the elements.
Ready to sit on any desk, shelf or mantel.


If you like the artwork above, I can create a piece similar to it for you,
fill out my online commission form

A Little Bird Told Me - fantasy mixed media sculpture

"A Little Bird Told Me"
OOAK sculpture
Approx. 8.5" tall

Do you know the secret? Open the little doors
to see the hidden clues. The is my latest one of a kind handmade sculpture. No molds used.
I love using natural found things in my work.

Gourd body with hand sculptured head,hands and little
blue bird of happiness. Cloth over clay head.
Twig arms. Hand painted leaves and vine decorate
the front and around the bottom.Cut strands of natural
jute are individually inserted into the head to create
the hair.
Little doors open up and inside holds some moss and
an antique silver heart & bow pendant.
Piece is signed on a solid bottom, covered with bark paper.

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